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Our commitment for the local community

Tofauti Inn has chosen to support the circular economy, with the aim of extending the life cycle of things, thereby giving value back to something that already exists. It has chosen to be a house within walking distance of the beach, in order to optimise and improve the existing facilities and not spoil the white sand beaches. It has taken advantage of recycling by choosing furniture made from used wood that has been brought back to life by the skilled hands of local carpenters, creating value and beauty. It also supports the national economy by favouring local labour and giving work opportunities to local young people.

Tofauti also pays great attention to some fragile local realities, which leads it to choose to allocate a percentage of sales to support specific projects in the area for cultural, economic and social development.

"Dear traveller...

Tofauti Inn team thank choosing to be our guest,you choose to support the local community as well...Asante sana."

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